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What is a Barbican?

A barbican is a defensive structure that controls access to a gateway. Barbicans are outposts or gateways, typically forming the outer defense of a fortified city or castle . They were constructed from the 13th to the 18th centuries throughout Europe .

At Barbican Wealth Advisors, we view our role as the protectors of our clients' financial lives. We care for our clients and work with them to help them achieve their financial goals. With all of the demands on your time creating an investment strategy to weather the market and protect your wealth and retirement can be a daunting task.

Client Centered

With nearly three decades of experience in analyzing and helping structure portfolio investment strategies for a select and elite group of clients – we’re focused on maximizing returns while helping minimize your tax burden. Our firm may be in a unique position to help protect your future so that you can focus on your career and your family.

Similar to the barbicans used in the 15th century to create a fortified gateway to a city – Barbican Wealth has the experience and investment strategies ready to help create a personalized defense between your wealth and the volatility of the market. Let us help you build the fortifications and gateway you need to protect your financial future.

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